VETTA ST5 Long Sleeve

  • Wind & Shower Proof
  • Full Zip
  • Tri Pocket Configuration & 4th Zipped Compartment
  • Signature Silicone Droplet
  • Perfect For Spring / Fall Riding
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EUR 169.00
Over 12 months in the making, the new VETTA collection represents a significant development in premium cycling apparel. Literally translated as top, peak or summit in Italian, the new VETTA offering is the final installation in the ridden and rated STRADA and CORSA CR collection.

The VETTA line up has been developed with 3 primary objectives in mind. 1) the need for lightweight functional fabrics wherever possible, 2) the inclusion of high compression / high recovery fabrics and 3) minimalist clean design. Engineered in Switzerland and manufactured in Italy, the CR legacy of providing premium functional cycling apparel has been further cemented with this new edition of premium roadwear.

Its the small details that count in this highly versatile mid-weight long sleeve jersey. The ST5 incorporates 4 independent yet highly functional Italian fabrics that come together as a highly functional long sleeve jersey for 360 Days of riding.

The front of the jersey utilises a new innovative fabric known as Berna. With a micro inner fleece and highly textured outer surface, Berna provides an outstanding alternate to traditional windbreaker fabrics. With exceptional wind blocking properties, it also provides a high degree of shower tolerance.

The two tone contoured sleeve construction, repeats the inclusion of Berna as the inner arm fabric whilst, Monica H20 (78% polyamide, 22% elastane), an exceptional fabric with a high degree of 4 way stretch sets the second tone of the anatomically shaped arms. With an outer smooth finish and the inner textured surface, the two tone scalloped sleeves provide a stunning contrast to the overall look and form of the VETTA ST5.

The rear section of the jersey introduces an additional functional fabric known as Piramid. A well constructed cross weaved fabric that provides a good degree of high movement due to its lateral stretch properties and limited vertical movement. Piramid has been utilised to support the pocket configuration of the ST5, providing a high degree of reinforcement whilst ensuing no vertical sag as pockets become overloaded.

Finally the ST5 includes a full length 75 zip, elasticated silicone waist bands and signature silicone chest droplet. The ST5 is an anatomical cut and race fit profile and performs equally as well when worn alone or is paired with VETTA ST5 short sleeve jersey.

The ST5 is a stunning introduction to the VETTA collection and will overwhelm the most discerning cyclist with its subtle design and attention to subtle technical detailing.


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