VETTA ST5 Bibshorts

  • Optimal Stretch & Recovery
  • Featuring NEW VT8.0 Pads
  • NEW 45cm Integrated Elasticated Grips
  • Ultra Compact & Lightweight
  • Pilling & Abrasion Resistant
  • Anti Saddle Slide CR Technology
  • Perfect Comfort & Fit
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EUR 199.00
Engineered in Switzerland and manufactured in Italy, the CR legacy of providing premium functional cycling apparel has been further cemented with the introduction of the VETTA collection. Twelve months in the making, the VETTA collection represents a significant development in premium cycling apparel. Literally translated as 'summit' in Italian, the new VETTA offering is the final installation in the ridden and rated STRADA and CORSA CR collection.

VETTA has been developed with 3 primary objectives in mind:1) the need for lightweight functional fabrics wherever possible,2) the inclusion of high compression / high recovery fabrics and 3) minimalist clean design. 

The completely re-engineered ST5 Bibshorts are the absolute 'summit' when it comes to performance oriented cycling apparel. Given the worldwide reputation of CR bibshorts for exceptional quality, we were hesitant to 'mess' with the winning formula. However the Swiss based R&D team have discovered new innovations that will continue to surprise and delight performance focused cyclists. 

Make no mistake, the VETTA ST5 bibshorts have been developed for extreme comfort for longer distance rides.

The ST5 bibshorts feature the all NEW VT8.0 pads with Poron inserts for extra long distance comfort. Dual Poron inserts are anatomically placed within the open cell configuration and offer superior impact absorption and collapse resistance in key zones of impact. Building on the foundation of our propriety pads, the VT8.0 also include micro ventilated pores in the front section to assist with greater breathability and air flow.

The main body of the VETTA ST5 is where the R&D team really had some fun! For the very first time the introduction of a performance oriented fabric known as Thunderbike by the Italian fabric experts at SITIP. 

Thunderbike is a highly technical fabric that includes a super light 44 fine gauge weave that guarantees an ultra compact appearance with a minimalistic feel against the skins surface. Additionally this new fabric provides exceptional compression and shape retention, providing longevity in the lifespan of these premium bibshorts.

The middle section of the bibshorts that wrap around the external position of the inner pad have been further engineered with a higher grade of 'Easy Rider' fabric. With a thicker weave and intensified structure, the innovation will minimise saddle slide in addition to protecting from wear and tear. The anti-abrasive properties of Easy Rider fabric provide an innovative solution to reduce movement across the saddle and greater rider stability.

To further enhance the lightweight and high compression properties of the ST5, we have introduced GRIP 400, a 45mm extra wide elasticated grip. With an integrated appearance flowing from the main body of the shorts. ,Their presence is subtle and integrates well to further provide a seamless connection and a less bulky appearance. GRIP 400 provides exceptional stability to maintain the position of the shorts throughout the ride despite its ultra light appearance.

One of the final details that sets the VETTA ST5 bibshorts apart from our current collection, is the subtle inclusion of new signature detailing. With a micro silicone droplet on the left leg and a beautifully designed info-graphic titled 'From The Heart of The Swiss Alps' on the rear of the braces. These fine inclusions clearly illustrate the attention to detail and level of pride that has been injected into the all new ST5 model.

Available in XS(1), S(2), M(3), L(4), XL(5) & XXL(6)

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