Our Cookies Policy


What are cookies?

A cookie is a small file - it's saved onto your computer or other device when you visit our website. 

Cookies store small pieces of information. For example, - they will remember you've visited our site or performed a certain action. 

We use cookies to help us improve your experience when you visit our website. For example, a cookie might store your shopping cart preferences so you don't have to keep entering this information on every single visit. 

Cookies also let us know which pages of our site you visited; they help us develop and market our products and services. They also help us track sales.Cookies work in two main ways: 

Persistent cookies - these stay valid, and will work until their expiry date (unless you delete them before they expire) 

Session cookies - these expire when you close your web browser 

Why we use cookies

The information we collect 

Most of the cookies we use record the pages of our site you visit and any interactive elements - such as forms or calculators - that you use. 

We don't collect any information that can identify you personally. For certain sales and marketing processes, we may verify sales by recording a policy or sale ID number and time. 

How we use this information 

We use cookie information to find out how our website is being used. We can learn which pages are being viewed and how many visitors are using the different sections of the site. This information helps us understand how useful the site is to our visitors, and how we can keep improving. 

We use session cookies for some secure online customer services. These cookies let us make the login process easier and more secure. We might also use a session cookie to pre-populate your details on one of our online forms. 

Changing your cookie settings

When you opt-out of using cookies on this site and after you refresh or move away from this page, we will stop setting or using the analytics and other cookies described. 

Web Beacons may continue to be used on this site, but they won't be able to set or read any cookies. Web Beacons will be limited to reporting on anonymous details about the device being used and the web pages visited. No personally identifying information will be sent. 

Remember, if you amend your cookie settings, your browsing experience may change for the worse. For example, if you have set preferences on a website - such as your location for local news or weather forecasts - it will no longer remember these.

More information 

Changes to this policy 

We occasionally update our cookie policy. You should visit this page periodically if you want to keep yourself informed. Last updated on 1st August 2014, Bern, Switzerland.